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adidas Performance PUREBOOST - Neutral running shoes - core black/solid grey 7iA4C09Stn
adidas Performance PUREBOOST - Neutral running shoes - core black/solid grey
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How Leaders Create and Use Networks
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How to Build Your Network
From the January 2007 Issue
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Executive Summary

Reprint: R0701C

Most people acknowledge that networking—creating a fabric of personal contacts to provide support, feedback, insight, and resources—is an essential activity for an ambitious manager. Indeed, it’s a requirement even for those focused simply on doing their current jobs well. For some, this is a distasteful reality. Working through networks, they believe, means relying on “who you know” rather than “what you know”—a hypocritical, possibly unethical, way to get things done. But even people who understand that networking is a legitimate and necessary part of their jobs can be discouraged by the payoff—because they are doing it in too limited a fashion.

On the basis of a close study of 30 emerging leaders, the authors outline three distinct forms of networking. networking is geared toward doing one’s assigned tasks more effectively. It involves cultivating stronger relationships with colleagues whose membership in the network is clear; their roles define them as stakeholders. networking engages kindred spirits from outside an organization in an individual’s efforts to learn and find opportunities for personal advancement. networking puts the tools of networking in the service of business goals. At this level, a manager creates the kind of network that will help uncover and capitalize on new opportunities for the company. The ability to move to this level of networking turns out to be a key test of leadership.

Companies often recognize that networks are valuable, and they create explicit programs to support them. But typically these programs facilitate only operational networking. Likewise, industry associations provide formal contexts for personal networking. The unfortunate effect is to give managers the impression that they know how to network and are doing so sufficiently. A sidebar notes the implication for companies’ leadership development initiatives: that teaching strategic networking skills will serve their aspiring leaders and their business goals well.

What separates successful leaders from the rest of the pack? Networking: creating a tissue of personal contacts to provide the support, feedback, and resources needed to get things done.

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Monday, July 09, 2018
- SANGAM PRASAIN , Kathmandu
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May 22, 2018-The opening hours of Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) are now 6 am to 3 am the next day. Tourism Minister Rabindra Adhikari inaugurated the new 21-hour schedule on Monday that is expected to reduce congestion at the country’s sole international aerial gateway to some extent.

Severe congestion has plagued the airport which has been operating for 18 hours 30 minutes in three shifts daily for decades. “This is a trial. Our objective is to keep the international airport open 24/7 in the near future,” Adhikari said.

“Keeping the airport open round-the-clock is also an indication that we need to provide services 24/7 if we really want the country to develop. The ministry is committed to improving facilities like parking, fire fighting, customs, safety and security. It’s not a resource problem, it’s a management problem. If we can manage it, we can double the service levels with the same manpower,” he added.

Adhikari said that the government wanted to assure services on par with international standards. He added that the government was also thinking of reviewing the airport and other fees for airlines operating during peak and off-peak hours. “It’s not justifiable to charge the same taxes and fees for airlines operating during peak and off-peak hours.” Santanu Sen Gupta, chairman of the Airline Operator’s Committee-Nepal, a committee of international airlines, said, “We are happy at the government’s decision to keep the international airport open for 21 hours a day. It’s always healthy for airlines to get more space to fly.”

He added, “The impact of the decision will not be visible immediately because the summer schedule of all airlines has already been approved. But there will be visible changes from September, the country’s peak tourist season, when the winter scheduled is announced.”

Raj Kumar Chettri, general manager of TIA, said eight more air traffic controllers (ATCs) had been employed due to the additional workload. “There are now 72 ATCs working in three shifts, and we have planned to hire more in the coming days.”

Traffic congestion is also severe on the ground due to a limited number of parking bays. Experts said that TIA had turned into a ‘roll and hold’ airport as its existing infrastructure has not been able to cope with the rising travel demand. Most international flights operate between 1 and 5 pm, the peak travel time, resulting in chaos for airlines and ATCs. Nearly 70 percent of the international traffic is concentrated during peak hours. Traffic is thin in the mornings till 12 noon and from 6 to 9 pm.

During the tourist season, March-May and September-November, TIA handles more than 500 flights daily, 75 percent of them domestic flights. The sole reason behind the congestion at TIA during the tourist season is Lukla flights. And if a flight to Lukla, the gateway to Everest, is disrupted on any particular day due to weather, its rescheduling will create a cascade effect on all flights.

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DISCRETION - Orange Grove | 2oz

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